About Me

I’m a writer who has self-published a marketing book plus hundreds of magazines and newspaper articles, back when I was a freelance writer in the mid- to late-00’s. I’m also a dog mom of four, wife to a real person whom I shall name P., and work full-time doing business development for a large software company. I travel semi-frequently (about once a month) and am in the midst of writing a novel that I hope to publish by 2020 with a traditional publisher. My husband P. also works full-time in the medical field.

As of June 2019 (which is when I launched this blog), I’m also on the verge of closing on a house and spend a lot of time caring for G-Dog, my beautiful and gentle Lab mix who has cancer.

My other 3 pups are D-Dog (the oldest, at about 10 years old), P-Dog (a little terrier mix of about 9 years), and M-Dog, G-Dog’s sister.

I started this blog partly to keep my writing muscles exercised and flexed, and also partly to have an outlet for this irrational obsession I have with all things productivity and time management. I thrive on being super-busy, and don’t tell me that all this activity and busyness might have something to do with not wanting to face mortality, especially since it’s staring at me right in the face. I already know.

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