Closing Day!

We’re closing on our house today! Finally! After weeks of excavating years of tax returns, scrutinizing the minutiae of our financial lives, and putting our (landlord’s) printer through its paces, the day has finally come. We have the cashier’s check, we’ve reviewed the closing disclosure docs, and we’ve skimmed the buyer’s settlement agreement. We did the walkthrough last night and met the seller. (P. met the sellers during the home inspection; I was out of town to take G-Dog for his clinical trial visit.) We signed what we hoped were the last of the papers for our lender yesterday.

We close at noon today, so this morning I’ve spent a bit of time calling up movers and getting quotes to move our stuff from the storage unit in our Major City Hometown to our new home. Since it’s an interstate move, and we have a lot of stuff — mostly boxes of books — all the movers require a visual inspection of the cargo to give a proper estimate. Interstate moves are mostly priced based on weight, so the moving company has estimators that will physically inspect your things and make an educated guess as to the combined weight of everything. Once they’ve done that, they can provide you with a quote. That quote may change depending on the actual weight — you’ve probably seen all the “weigh stations” along interstate highways if you’ve done any long-distance driving — but otherwise that quote should be fairly close to the final price.

Since our things are stuffed into a storage unit back in our Major City Hometown, I need to make plans to fly out there next week and meet with these estimators. I have 3 lined up already: 1 for Tuesday afternoon and 2 for Friday morning. The timing isn’t super great, since the 4th of July means an entire day I can’t meet with anyone, but I hope to get one more appointment squeezed in to get the best quote. Once that’s done, ideally the move would be scheduled on Saturday, the 7th, but otherwise I’ve asked my brother if he could meet with the movers on the day-of and oversee the loading. I can’t stay in the Major City Hometown past the 6th because I have to be back on the 7th to turn around the make the 5+-hour drive from our new Small Town Home to the Major City where G-Dog gets his cancer treatments.

It’ll be a busy month, and somewhere in there I’ve a trip to New York City for a quick business trip, and then later in July I’ve another work trip to Atlanta. I already have a bunch of to-do lists started, including a long list of address changes. Thankfully I still have all my lists from our move here to this Western State so that I can just re-use them!

In less than half an hour we’ll officially be homeowners, with all its attendant stresses and joys. Wow.

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