This isn’t my first blog, or even my twenty-first. I work for a large software company and have been a blogger for nearly 13 years, which oddly enough isn’t that long when you consider that some longtime bloggers have been plugging away on their weblogs since the 1990s. I set up my first email address in 1993, but didn’t ever consider a blog until 2006, and I can’t remember why. I think at the time I had a lot of time on my hands, plus this was the pre-smartphone era, so as a would-be writer with a laptop and lots of empty days, that could only mean one thing: loads of writing.

writer writing in a notebook with laptop
Obligatory stock photo with someone writing, naturally with lens blur activated in the foreground to bump up the cool factor.

Anyway, why start a blog now? Well, there’s that itch to start writing again. I don’t have nearly the loads and loads of free time now that I had back then. I’m 13 years older, so I’ve generally added more responsibilities, but really the writing compulsion just won’t be silenced. Lately I’ve found myself writing short emails and even shorter tweets, and when I do sit down to write any sort of fiction my brain wants to scream in horror at the realization that my metaphors are weak and my overall vocabulary has deteriorated, so this blog is partly a cry for help to the Blogging Gods that, perhaps, a regular practice of writing will strengthen what was once — if I may say so myself — quite strong. Strong enough to have written a book and published hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. Now I’m not sure anyone outside of this blog would even bother. But life is nothing if not like one of those long, long rolls of blank newsprint on which a person can fill whatever their heart’s desire. My desire is more writing.

Meanwhile, I’m also obsessed — much like every other person on the web, it seems — with productivity and time management, the whole work/life balance debate, and all the tools, doodads, doohickeys, gadgets, books, planners, and other contrivances attendant to the pursuit thereof. Ironically I fail miserably at doing half the things on my todo list every day, but every morning there’s a lovely sense of promise when I open my Hobonichi Techo Cousin planner and start a fresh page with all that I hope to check off that day. It’s a sickness and a delirious pleasure.

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